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2012 Student Project Examples


   Prelude to the American Revolution? The War of Regulation: A Revolutionary Reaction for Reform
   First Place, Senior Paper
   Student: Sarah Sadlier

   The Trial of the Century: A Reaction to Nazi Atrocities Prompts Revolution and Reform in Principles of International Law
   Second Place, Senior Paper
   Student: Natalie Pilgeram


   The Meiji Restoration: A Political Revolution
   First Place, Junior Individual Exhibit
   Student: Grace Gardner
   Process Paper

   Revolution in New Mexico: Reaction to Bishop
   Lamy's Reforms
   Second Place, Junior Group Exhibit
   Students: Ashley Howell, Emily Hubbs, Ella McKenzie,
   Zhanna McKenzie
   Process Paper   |   Bibliography

   Ignition of a Revolution
   First Place, Senior Group Exhibit
   Students: Rebecca Derby & Rachel Emond


   The Revolutionary Reaper
   First Place, Junior Group Documentary
   Students: Justin Myers & Will Scheopner

   Counting the Dead
   First Place, Junior Individual Documentary
   Student: Alexandra Van Den Heuvel

   The Legacy of the White Rose
   Second Place, Senior Individual Documentary
   Student: Naomi Hill

   The Highlander Folk School: Educating Revolutionaries for Social Reform
   First Place, Senior Individual Documentary
   Student: Jennifer Maikee


   Revolutionizing Revolutions: What Gandhi Taught Us About Political Defiance
   First Place, Junior Group Performance
   Students: Jonathan Holle, Christian Isenhour, Steven Mathew, Luke Victor,
   Cyrus Yasrebi

   The Luddite Rebellion: Progress vs. Preservation
   First Place, Senior Individual Performance
   Student: Samantha Irvine

   Liberty and Justice for All: Gideon v. Wainwright's Revolution in Courtroom Equality
   First Place, Senior Group Performance
   Students: Rachel Roberts & Aishwarya Nirmal

   From Revolution to Constitution: Shay's Rebellion
   Second Place, Senior Individual Performance
   Student: Chad Nowlan

Web Site

   The Disease of Hope: Mao's Great Leap Forward
   First Place, Senior Group Web Site
   Students: Jason Wan, Lina Pan, Don Zheng, Christopher Su

   Raising the Iron Curtain: The Revolution, Reactions and Reforms of Solidarity
   Second Place, Senior Group Web Site
   Students: Kate Lemberg, Katherine Owens, Arielle Swedback, Audrey Yang

   Title IX: Empowerment Through Education
   First Place, Junior Group Web Site
   Students: Maanasa Nathan, Kavya Ramamoorthy, Priya Ramamoorthy, Smrithi

Students and NHD

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