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Goals of the Institute

The central objective of NHD's Summer Institute is to improve the teaching of history. This is done by exposing participants to the latest in historical scholarship, familiarizing them with the primary sources available for studying and teaching, and modeling different ways of encouraging active learning. Teachers will have the opportunity to work with prominent historians and investigate an array of resources, including historic sites, oral histories and visual images that can be used in teaching.

Teachers will review various interactive teaching techniques and learn from peers in a "best practices" session. Instructional materials and primary sources in a variety of media will be provided to participants to use in their classrooms.

Past participants of the summer institute have found their experiences to be invaluable. All of the teachers that have attended the institute have said that it greatly improved their teaching and raved about their experience in the evaluations.

Institue Outcomes
As a result of attending the NHD Teacher Institute, educators will:
  1. Visit historic sites where history actually occurred.
  2. Receive books, primary sources and other materials that discuss the latest in historical scholarship.
  3. Obtain innovative instructional resources and lessons that they will be able to use in their classrooms.
  4. Share experiences and ideas with teachers from around the United States.
  5. Analyze historical events from multiple perspectives utilizing a wealth of primary and secondary sources.
  6. Meet and interact with historians.
  7. Review materials and programs designed to help meet national and state history/social studies standards.

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