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NHD Weebly Website Conversion

All NHD Weebly Web Site Entries,

On September 5th NHD and NHD Weebly will be conducting a website entry wipe. 

A conversion tool is in place to enable the transfer of your NHD website to standard Weebly in the effort to preserve your project. By simply logging into, with your username and password, you will be prompted with a note and the option to convert your website to

Weebly is offering NHD Weebly students a FREE MONTH of PRO Weebly services for their converted websites! For the month following the website conversion, all students will be able to edit and publish their work to preserve their videos and other PRO content. After the month has expired DO NOT edit/publish any part of the website again. If you leave the website alone, every feature will continue to function normally.

Please visit the following website on instructions for converting to standard Weebly.

The other option for preserving your website is downloading an offline ZIP file through the following instructions:

If you run into any issues please contact or