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National Contest Teacher Workshops and Events

ALL TEACHER WORSHOPS - to attend teacher workshops and events during the national contest, register at www.nhd.org/register

Monday Workshops - June 15th, 8:30AM - 3:30PM in the basement of the Skinner Building, Room 200

"Gins, Jennies, and Innovation: Teaching a More Integrated National History"

All too frequently, we think about, write about, and teach antebellum American history as if it unfolded in two physically distinct places: the "South" and the "North." Regional categories whose history can be traced back to the political debates of the secession crisis, they are nonetheless misleading categories. People, products, and ideas criss-crossed the Mason-Dixon line at a dizzying speed. So too did political parties, church congregations, and families. As historians have come to realize in recent years, it is impossible to neatly separate the "North" from the "South." Focusing primarily (but not exclusively) on the slave-made cotton that tightly linked the rapid development of New England's textile industry to the equally as rapid growth of Alabama and Mississippi plantations, this half-day workshop will use primary sources to introduce participants to a more integrated American history and to some ways in which to teach it.

Ain't Nothing but a Man: My Quest to find the Real John Henry

Ain't Nothing but a Man…is a new young adult book by historian Scott Nelson. This book is perfect for National History Day teachers because it makes the research path visible. Scott Nelson chronicles his search for John Henry, the man not the myth. Through his research readers are invited into the story of the building of the railroads, the period of Reconstruction, folk tales, American mythology, and an exploration of the tradition of work songs and their evolution into blues and rock and roll. We will look at the multiple uses for this book in introducing the historical research process in the classroom.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Historical Performances

Have you watched a historical performance in your classroom and wished you knew more how to help? If you have, then this is the workshop for you. Come work with the artists and educators from Ford's theater to learn the basics of creating compelling historical performances. Sarah Jencks has concrete suggestions from selecting a topic that is suitable for a historical performance to script development to props and costumes. This workshop is especially designed for National History Day and the teachers who work with the budding dramatist waiting to burst forth in every classroom.

Resources! Resources! Resources!

PBS will present their best resources for teaching Innovation in History: Impact and Change

Tuesday Workshops - June 16th, 8:30AM - 3:30PM in the basement of the Skinner Building, Room 200

National World War II Museum

Come learn about our nation's newest museum and what types of resources the museum offers for historical research. And, as we all know, students love World War II topics!

National Parks: America's Best Idea A New Documentary by Ken Burns

The National Parks: America's Best Idea – a six-episode Ken Burns film – tells an epic story spanning a century and a half of our nation's history and ranging from one corner of the country to the other: from the southernmost tip of Florida to the frozen tundra of Alaska, from the rocky coast of Maine to the volcanic Hawaiian islands. Set against the most spectacular landscapes on earth, it chronicles that idea from its first expression in the mid-1800s through the late 1990s. We'll be hearing from the guest speakers about the excellent teacher resources that have been developed to support teaching about National Parks as an innovation in our history. We will also be treated to an advanced showing of some of Ken Burns's latest!

Gateway Books to Historical Research: Using Fiction and Non-fiction to Peak Students' Interest in Topics

Although fiction exclusively cannot or should not teach history, it can provide a doorway to unofficial historical research for even the most reluctant learner. Just as the adult watches the movie or reads the book Braveheart and begins to wonder about William Wallace (Was he a real person? Did he really stand against the British at York?), so does a student begin to ask questions after reading a well written story. Come hear about the top ten books, fiction and non-fiction, for Innovation in History: Impact and Change.

Turning your Students into Research Warriors!

Attacking historical research requires a battle plan. This afternoon will be a combination presentation about overcoming some of the caveats of supporting students doing historical research and a time for you to bring your toughest questions to your peers. We will spend time discussing examples of student work, examining common mistakes in citing sources, and preparing even the most unorganized student, for research. I will walk you through some quick and easy techniques to turn "the skill and drill" of teaching how to cite sources into a Jeopardy computer game. You don't have to be a computer whiz to do this one and students will love it!

Please contact ann@nhd.org with questions about the teacher workshops.

Teacher Social
Monday, June 15th, 2009 :: 7:30 - 10:30 pm @Adele's

Join us at Adele's Restaurant inside the Stamp Student Union to meet fellow NHD teachers. This cost is included as part of your registration, but you must pre-register so that we have an accurate count for catering. Click Here to Register

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