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Judging and Contest Logistics The first round of judging will take place Monday, June 16, 2014 for the Junior Division and Tuesday, June 17, 2014 for the Senior Division. Each entry will be assigned to a particular room and building for judging. You will receive information in your registration packet at the contest concerning the time and location your entry will be judged. Maps indicating designated buildings will be available when you check in and receive your registration packet. Click here for a competition site map.
If you have an unusual circumstance that requires you to be judged at a specific time, please note your time request in the "Entry Information" section during registration.

Judging Student Entries
Students receive their judging/interview time and location at check in. Students in exhibit, documentary and performance categories should bring four copies of their process paper and bibliography to the contest. Paper entries should bring an extra copy of their paper with them when they are judged. No paperwork is required for entrants in the website category, as the process paper and annotated bibliography must be integrated into the site. Report to your assigned room at least fifteen minutes before you are scheduled to be judged.

Students, teachers, and visitors should leave and enter the room only between performances and documentaries. Everyone waiting outside the competition rooms should be respectful of the presentation in progress and remain quiet. Cell phones should be turned OFF. Performances may be videotaped or photographed ONLY with the permission of the students.

If a judging issue has come up in your room/with your student, please contact NHD staff immediately. A building monitor (with orange badge) will be stationed around the judging rooms in your building and can get in touch with NHD staff to address the problem.

Entrants in the paper category must submit four copies of their papers and bibliographies with registration forms and fees by May 20, 2014.  Entrants in the website category must be sure to note their unique website URL during online registration. No paperwork is required as the process paper and annotated bibliography must be integrated into the site. PLEASE NOTE: Website entries will be locked for judging at 11:59pm on May 20, 2014.   

Information on shipping exhibits and props.

Equipment All equipment or props used in a performance must be supplied by the students. If you are using electrical equipment, you should bring an extension cord. A PC computer and an LCD projector will be provided in documentary judging rooms. All props and equipment should be removed for safekeeping after each presentation because the rooms will be open after judging is completed. The use of weapons, real or fake, in any entry is prohibited. Replicas of prohibited items that are obviously not real are permissible. Please contact your teacher and contest coordinator to confirm guidelines before bringing a replica to a contest.

Please note: NHD participants may NOT borrow or remove University of Maryland furniture or other property for use as props/equipment for their project. You are free to use a desk or chair already in your competition room, but those items must remain in that room.

Finals Finals for performances and documentaries will take place Tuesday evening, June 17 for the Junior Division and Wednesday morning, June 18 for the Senior Division. The top two entries from each judging room will be selected for the final round. The names of the entrants who will take part in the performance and documentary finals will be posted Monday by 7:00 PM for the Junior Division and Tuesday by 7:00 PM for the Senior Division. This finalist information can be viewed on the monitors in the Stamp Student Union and on the NHD website. Please Note: Because all NHD entries must ultimately stand alone, finals judges will not question students after performances or documentaries. Papers, websites, and exhibits in the finals will be judged without student representation and thus are not announced prior to the final round.

Awards, Certificates, and Evaluations In addition to monetary prizes for gold, silver, and bronze medalists ($1,000, $500, $250), an outstanding entry from each division for each state and special prizes in certain topic categories will be awarded. All awards, including full and partial scholarships, will be announced at the awards ceremony Thursday morning. Every student will receive a certificate of achievement. The certificates and judges' evaluation sheets will be in packets (one packet per entry, not per student) and will be available for pick-up in the Heritage Hall room at Comcast Center for ONE HOUR ONLY immediately following the awards ceremony on Thursday, June 19. Certificate pick-up will be organized by category. Students will need to know their entry numbers to pick up their packets. If students forget their entry numbers, a volunteer with an entry list will assist them. Members of group entries should designate one person to pick up the group's packet.  ONLY STUDENTS can pick up their packets.   Please keep in mind that some affiliate coordinators pick up the packets and distribute them to their students. A list of those affiliates will be announced at the awards ceremony and posted on the doors, as those packets will not be available in the Heritage Hall room. All unclaimed packets will be mailed to the students. It is very important that your online registration information is accurate and complete to ensure prompt delivery of certificates and evaluation sheets, as we use the address information you provide to return the packets to students.  The national office does not keep copies of evaluation sheets.

Awards Ceremony The awards ceremony and the presentation of all awards is scheduled for 8:30 AM Thursday morning in the Comcast Center. A traditional "impromptu" parade made up of NHD participants begins at 8:30 AM. You and your family are encouraged to sit with others in your state delegation. You are welcome to bring banners, flags, or signs. Floats are not permitted.