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Many teachers, parents, school administrators, and community members find National History Day to be an exemplary program for implementing educational reform and meeting education standards. For example, the state of Washington has approved National History Day as an assessment tool for teachers to use to meet state required social studies classroom-based assessments. The Aldine Independent School District in Houston, Texas, has included National History Day as a required part of its curriculum.

Click here to view NHD's "Meeting the Standards" document. This PDF document will guide you through the understanding of how National History Day helps students meet history and language arts standard and serves as a model for authentic assessment in the classroom.

Participation in National History Day supports teachers and students in meeting local, state and particularly national educational standards as teachers integrate National History Day into their classroom teaching and curriculum. The National History Day process is aligned with the national standards in history and English language arts. Each individual History Day entry, however, also meets numerous specific American or world history standards unique to a particular student entry. Each state has its own state history and language standards. National History Day activities and national standards should aid in aligning local History Day programs with state standards.

Contact your state coordinator to find out how National History Day can help you meet history or social studies standards in your state.

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